3M Clarity Trays: Invisible Aligners

Dr. Shoe is now a provider of 3M™ Clarity Aligners!

Patients looking for an alternative to regular braces often choose a discreet clear aligner such as Invisalign or 3M clear aligners. 3M™ clear aligners are a great new product that will give you and Dr. Shoe the control you want over your treatment and give you more choices to get the smile you want.

Clear aligners are an excellent option for a lot of patients. They aren’t as visible to friends and coworkers, which is why we call them discreet. Almost no one will notice that you’re using them. They are also a more comfortable alternative to braces. You won’t have to come in and have a new set of wires put in. Instead, you’ll come in, and we’ll create a new tray for you to put in, and you’ll be on your way. This also makes clear aligners a more convenient alternative to braces. We think you’ll love them.

Why Should You Care?!

Simple. You now have more options than ever to get the smile you always wanted. We’re proud to provide both Invisalign and 3m Clarity Aligners. Each system has pros and cons, so be sure and talk to Dr. Shoe about what option is best for you!

3M™ Clarity Aligners are a great option, but they aren’t for all situations. We want to help you decide whether or not they are right for you. Schedule an appointment today to see Dr. Shoe, who will walk you through your options and help you decide if 3M™ clear aligners are the right option.

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