Want Braces in Reisterstown, MD? Visit Shoe Orthodontics!

When Shoe Orthodontics was looking to expand for its patients, Dr. Shoe knew the best place to go was in Reisterstown. It may seem as if it was a new place to be for Shoe Orthodontics, but for Dr. Shoe, it was more like coming home. That’s why he and the Shoe Orthodontics team are so dedicated to giving back to this amazing community by providing the same exceptional orthodontic care our Hanover, PA, patients enjoy.

Dr. Shoe began his orthodontic career in Reisterstown just after he completed his residency. He saw how patients were driving long distances to visit his Hanover, PA, office, many from northern Maryland. Being familiar with Reisterstown, he knew it was the perfect place to open a second office for Shoe Orthodontics. 

Conveniently Located in Reisterstown, MD

Reisterstown is a special community. Nestled in the suburbs of Baltimore, it has that quaint, bedroom community feel. It’s the feeling that neighbors know neighbors and help each other out. It’s something the team at Shoe Orthodontics believes in strongly, so we felt Reisterstown was the perfect fit. 

Our office is located along Main Street in the heart of Reisterstown. We picked this location to be convenient not only for our Reisterstown patients, but for all of our northern Maryland patients. Add a second location was a great opportunity for us to provide convenience for them. Having that second location also gives us the opportunity not only to maintain but to improve our quality of care. Dr. Shoe is proud to be back in the town where it all started for him.

If you’re in need of treatment with Invisalign or braces in Reisterstown, MD, come see us at 409 Main Street. We’re looking forward to seeing you! 

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