Y ou might be having an issue with being stuck at home and keeping your kids entertained. We have an idea! Instead of asking your kids to do things they aren’t always interested in and trying to plan out their whole day, ask them to teach YOU how to do they love. Here are a few ideas that will help you get started!

Here are 5 things you can ask your awesome kiddo to teach you!

1.) How To play a musical instrument
You’ve been paying for lessons. They have been taking tons of classes. Now is the time to ask them to teach you what they have learned! This is great for so many reasons! You’ll get to spend time together creating a memory, it will make your kid feel super awesome to teach you something, and you’ll appreciate their talent a lot more because playing an instrument is hard work!

2.) How to play their favorite video game
We know kids LOVE to play video games. Normally, we fight tooth and nail to get them off of the things. How about, just this once, you ask your kid to teach you to play their favorite video game. Make it more fun and place bets on how many times you’ll lose – loser has to do the dishes.

3.) How to do a dance
Tik Tok is huge right now. We’re sure you’ve heard of it. If you really want to blow your kid away, ask them to teach you how to do their favorite Tik Tok dance. 10 points if you can keep up and 20 bonus points if you show us the video.

4.) How to do something artistic
There are a lot of very talented young artists. If your child is one of them, ask them to teach you how to do some awesome art using their favorite medium.

5.) How to do that super weird thing
Not all talents are conventional ones and that’s awesome! Ask your kid how to do that weird eyebrow dance thing, talk backwards, solving a rubiks cube super fast, cup stacking…this list is endless, and your kid can definitely teach you something super cool and strange from it.

We hope you guys give some of these a shot. Enjoy making memories with your kids during this time where we are forced to slow down. Let them teach you a thing or two and you might be surprised at just how talented they really are!

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