Adult Braces vs. Child Braces

When an adult is looking for shoes, there are a lot of different variables one has to think through. For what purpose am I buying them? Which size do I need? Which color? Which style? You must answer all those questions before a person says, “this is the pair of shoes I will buy.” A whole different set of questions arises when buying for a child. Most importantly, how long will these last before I have to buy a new pair of shoes? It may surprise you, but similar questions go into the decisions we make for orthodontic treatment for adults and young people. 

We must treat adults and children differently to create the best treatment plan possible.

When an adult comes in, there are a lot of variables with treatment options, including the bite pattern, whether the patient has an overbite, an underbite, or a structural malformation in the jaw. We have to consider that the adult has a bite set due to years of eating and wearing down the sharper edges of the teeth. With children and teens, we can correct with less attention paid to the bite because their teeth haven’t settled yet, making them easier to adjust.

Another thing we look at in adults and contrast with children is past dental and orthodontic work. Many children and teens getting braces haven’t had a broken tooth, implant, bridge, or any more involved dental work. We’ll consider those variables when coming up with a treatment plan.

Because of these variables, more treatment options may be available for adult orthodontics than for children or teens. Metal braces are the most common treatment for kids. Braces are fast and effective, especially during their time of growth.

For adults, we offer metal braces, Invisalign clear aligners, 3M Clarity aligners, and ceramic braces. We provide the same or similar solutions for teens and children but at a different ratio. Also, the average adult will have various reasons for deciding on a treatment, some related to their professional expectations and social experiences.

No matter what age range you are in, Shoe Orthodontics in Hanover, PA, is the place to get your perfect smile. We would love to consult with you, choose the best treatment plan, and get you on the road to a great smile.

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