Here’s How to Cut Braces Wire At Home

Today’s braces are designed to be more comfortable than ever, but sometimes little problems pop up. One of the most common is the braces wire poking you in the cheek or back of the mouth. That’s because as the archwire pulls your teeth into place, it can slide through the brackets and end up longer in the back. 

Keep in mind that dental wax can help relieve minor irritation. But if you’re wondering how to stop braces wire from poking without wax, we’ve got your back!

Can You Cut Braces Wire Yourself?

If you have a protruding wire, that’s likely your archwire. That archwire moves as your teeth are brought into proper alignment, and sometimes it slides out the back bracket and starts poking you. No need for fancy wire cutters. Just grab some clean nail clippers and watch this video! 

Basically, what you want to do is pull your cheek back and side the nail clippers over the wire behind the last bracket. Clip the wire off, and that should take care of the problem. Be sure to fish out the piece of wire you cut off so you don’t swallow it! 

If poking wires are still bothering you, grab a piece of braces wax and stick it over the wire until you can come into the office. This will protect your cheeks and gums from further irritation. 

Can’t Reach the Poking Braces Wire to Clip It? Here’s a Fix!

What if you can’t get your nail clippers back far enough to clip the wire? If you’re not able to visit your orthodontist and the nail clippers trick isn’t working for you, we have one more at-home solution — but think of it as a last resort. 

If you can’t clip the wire in the back, clip it in the middle and pull it forward so the wire isn’t poking, then clip the excess in the front. Contact us as soon as possible so we can bring you in to fix your archwire, since that is what applies pressure to your brackets and moves your teeth! 

Braces Repair in Hanover, PA

At Shoe Orthodontics, we want your treatment to be comfortable, efficient, and as easy as possible. We’re here for you if any problems pop up, and we love to see you! But if we can keep you out of the office with an easy at-home solution, we’re here to help you out. If you want information on braces treatment with Shoe Orthodontics, schedule your free consultation with an orthodontist you can trust in Hanover, PA or Reisterstown, MD.

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