5 Awesome Virtual Tours You Can Do At Home

We know you’re getting pretty bored at home, and we KNOW you wish you could be anywhere but in the living room listening to everyone complain about how bored they are and how they wish they could be LITERALLY anywhere else! We totally get it. We’re experiencing a lot of those same feelings! To help combat those “stuck at home” feelings, we are going on virtual tours all over the world!

You can find a virtual tour for just about every interest, but here are 5 of our favorites!

1.) Machu Picchu, Andes Mountains, Peru
This tour is great because it’s educational, and the views are absolutely stunning. It’s rich in history, and adding it to our list of virtual tours was a no-brainer!

2.) Smithsonian Museum of Natural History
If you’ve never been here, it’s a really neat place to go. There are loads of cool exhibits and rooms to visit here!

3.) Yellowstone National Park
Yellowstone National Park is a beautiful sight. If you don’t believe us, check it out yourself.

4.) Son Doong Cave
This is the largest cave in the world, and it’s absolutely breathtaking to see. Get your headphones because this tour is fully immersive!

5.) San Diego Zoo
San Diego Zoo has tons of live cams that you can pop in and watch at any time! 

There are TONS of virtual tours out there. Way too many for us to list them all here. We urge you to check out a few for yourself and take the chance to see and learn something new about a place you have never been!

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