Be the Change Contest

We are SUPER excited to announce our BE THE CHANGE campaign!

Please help us find and celebrate "Leaders of Change" in your school in three simple steps!

1️⃣ Identify a person(student, teacher, administrator, support staff, coach, bus driver, etc.), team, club, or classroom ✏ making your school a better place.

2️⃣ Let our team at Shoe Orthodontics know about them!! Send us an email at with the title "Be the Change Nomination."

Please write a summary in the email discussing what they're doing to make your school AWESOME! Please include their name/group name, which school they are elevating, and your name.

3️⃣ Keep an eye on our Facebook page! We will be choosing "Leaders of Change" from the entries monthly. They will receive special recognition and gifts of appreciation/encouragement! ❤

Keep nominating throughout the school year, and nominate as many individuals/groups as you see deserving.

Please note that ANYONE can nominate, and ANYONE CAN MAKE A CHANGE!

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