Leader of Change Award Winner

We are so grateful to get to recognize the winner of our Leader of Change award entries.

We would like to recognize Tanisha Johnson and share the nomination written on her behalf by Valerie Reinburg, the mom of our patient, Ana Reinburg.

Nominating Tanisha Johnson for the Leader of Change Award, Valerie Reinburg writes, "Tanisha has been Ana's PCA and constant sidekick since kindergarten. She currently assists Ana in the 6th grade at CVIS. Tanisha helps Ana with all the daily tasks that are too difficult for Ana to accomplish without assistance. She is in the classroom daily, and when she's not busy helping Ana, she helps out in the classroom in whatever capacity she's asked to. She is frequently seen on the playground, at Track on Field day, and accompanying Ana on the stage for concerts. She's even met with Ana's physical therapist so she can work with Ana at school to help her learn to climb stairs! She gets Ana on and off the van every day. Her smiling face is the first person Ana sees when she arrives at school every day. Tanisha is amazing, and no task is too big or small for her to accomplish! She brings a smile and a helping hand to all who know her. CVIS is a better school because of Tanisha's presence! We hope Tanisha will be with Ana right up through graduation!"

How could we not agree?! Thank you so much, Ana and Valerie, for speaking up to recognize such a valuable part of our community.

Congratulations, Tanisha Johnson, for being such a fantastic Leader of Change!

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