Hanover, PA Is The Heart of Shoe Orthodontics

Who We Are

Finally, we have videos that truly show the heart of our practice! We want to create confidence by giving high-quality care that produces amazing results while being the best part of our patient's day. We truly feel that there's no reason orthodontic care can't be an amazing experience!

Flexible, Honest Financing

Our consultations are free, and there are no high-pressure sales at Shoe Orthodontics. Period. We never want families to feel like orthodontic treatment is out of their reach. We know families sometimes worry about financing, so we offer flexible terms so everyone can genuinely afford a great smile.

With financing out of the way, we can all focus on the most important part... your smile!

Our Recent Posts

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Adult Braces vs. Child Braces: How Are They Different?

It is true that you can get braces at any age. That doesn’t mean that children and adults get the same treatment. We consider several factors with adults that may not factor into treatment for children.  Does the adult have all their teeth? How worn are those teeth? Is there evidence of gum disease or […]

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Here's Why Thumb-Sucking Is Bad for Teeth and Should Stop

Is your child a thumbsucker? Are they still sucking their thumb after age 2? How do you stop thumb-sucking? What is the effect of thumb-sucking on teeth?  Parents often have questions about their child’s thumb-sucking habits, especially if they notice changes in their child’s teeth. Thumb-sucking is bad for your child’s teeth, with long-term effects […]

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