It’s not unusual to sometimes break a wire, and it always seems to happen when you expect it the least. Fortunately, most common orthodontic problems don’t have to be an emergency because you can make minor fixes at home! As always, a little dental wax can help to ease discomfort, but sometimes you still find yourself with a bigger issue.

Here are our super simple tips to help you remove your ties and wire– using tools you can get in the beauty section of your local store. This should help you make necessary minor fixes if you are unable to make it in to the office.

Tools & Supplies

Sterile tweezers
Small, sharp nail clipper or nipper
Blemish Remover Tool

Please always be sure to wash and sterilize your tools with alcohol before and after use.

Prevention is Easy!

There’s a reason we warn you about eating crunchy or sticky foods– a single bite of the wrong food can cause a lot of trouble! It’s much easier to stick with foods you know are braces-friendly than to have to make a repair.