Why are your orthodontic consultations free?

If you've been looking around online, deciding which orthodontist you want to take care of your teeth or your children's teeth, you have probably seen a banner that says something like "FREE CONSULTS."

If you're looking online to decide what orthodontist you'd like to take care of yourself or your loved ones' smile, you've probably seen a banner or advertisement that says something like "Free Consults!"

We know you'll likely see this phrase because we also provide free consultations! We want to answer your questions and show you that at Shoe Orthodontics, free orthodontic consults are really free. We provide this as a service to the community because we genuinely care about Hanover & Reistertown.

Why are consultations free?

At Shoe Orthodontics, we're all about providing quality orthodontic care and treatments. Our team also cares about every patient; yes, that means you! We never think you should have to pay to find out if you need orthodontics. We're here to put your might at ease by providing information about your options and educating you on your smile. It's that simple, and it's actually free.

If you're ready to get a free consultation, the process is easy! You'll either contact Shoe Orthodontics to schedule an in-person consultation or use our online orthodontic consultation tool. We'll schedule an appointment if you prefer to start with an in-person consult. When you visit, we'll take some photos, do a visual inspection, and get some x-rays. From there, we'll be able to tell you what, if any, orthodontic treatment is a good fit for you.

You can start with an online orthodontic consult through our website; it'll ask some questions and have you take photos. From there, Dr. Shoe will review your submission and reply with your options and information about care. You'll still need to come in for a consultation if you want to start treatment! Nothing can explain an in-person exam. This lets you see if orthodontic treatment is a good fit for you and what options you may have.

Do you have to go through with the treatment we recommend?

Absolutely not; in fact, both versions of our free consults are no obligation. You never have to commit to treatment after you consult with Shoe Orthodontics. We'll provide you with information and details; it's entirely up to you. We'll never pressure you into a decision or judge you for anything. While we'd love to be your orthodontist and help treat you, we want you to feel confident and comfortable when deciding to pursue treatment. We'll always be upfront with you, sharing every detail, providing the best options, helping you with budgeting, and answering your questions.

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