Find Out How to Get a Beautiful Smile Using Virtual Consult

Shoe Orthodontics understands that choosing the orthodontist who will care for you or your family is a big decision.

There are numerous variables you're likely to consider when choosing an orthodontist. Whether you're looking for treatment for yourself or your loved one, you must find an orthodontist you trust and a treatment option that works for you.

It all starts with questions. Would braces work for me? Can I get Invisalign? How much will I have to pay? When can I get started? How bad is my smile?

The team at Shoe Orthodontics is here to help take some of the stress out of the decision by providing a free, no-obligation virtual consult with Dr. Shoe. You can complete a virtual orthodontic consultation from your phone, anywhere, at any time. Dr. Shoe will look over your submitted information and reply with his assessment. The assessment will determine whether orthodontic treatment is right for you, your options, and more.

This is the first step toward getting the smile you've always wanted! Next, we'll schedule an appointment for you to visit one of our offices and get a thorough assessment. This assessment includes pictures, x-rays, and a visual exam. This assessment will provide a specific, unique, and individualized treatment plan. We hope that using our consult tool will help you understand the importance of treatment, help lessen your initial concerns, offer relief from any fears, and educate you on the next steps toward a beautiful smile.

In response to your virtual consult, we'll also provide an estimate and information about paying for treatment. While this estimate isn't exact, as we'll need to perform a complete exam before providing a full quote, it's as exact as we can get with the information you provide. Overall, the team at Shoe Orthodontics is here to ensure the care you need is affordable and accessible. Providing pricing and financing estimates upfront is an essential part of that. We aim to give you a better, stress-free idea of what your orthodontic treatment will look like.

If you're ready to figure out your orthodontic treatment options, give the virtual orthodontic consultation a try! Dr. Shoe and the Shoe Orthodontics team will help you decide the best treatment option.

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