At Shoe Orthodontics, we believe that there is no place in healthcare for pressure sales. This means that we want you to feel comfortable both in our office and with the orthodontic care that you’re receiving. That is why we think second opinions can be a good thing!

Why Second Opinions Matter

When you’re confident in the information and services that you provide, second opinions aren’t something to be afraid of. In fact, we think second opinions can be really valuable. Other than providing another perspective on your unique orthodontic needs, a second opinion can give you confidence and assurance in that treatment plan that you choose. Any doctor who pressures you into committing to your treatment plan on the spot probably doesn’t have your best interest in mind.


Reasons to Consider A Second Opinion

If you have reservations about your treatment, getting a second opinion could be the right decision for you or your child. Here are a few other reasons that people may seek out a second opinion in their orthodontic care.

  • It has been recommended that you have multiple teeth extracted before beginning orthodontic treatment
  • You have been told that veneers or dental implants would treat your condition better than orthodontics
  • You are unsure if the treatment recommended is necessary
  • You have concerns about your doctor
  • It has been recommended that you have jaw surgery

At Shoe Orthodontics, we support you if you want to get a second opinion on the treatment we’ve recommended. Similarly, we are happy to be a second opinion for you if you are receiving treatment elsewhere. We want every patient to feel fully confident and comfortable with their orthodontic care. Call us today to see if we can be a second opinion for you or your child’s orthodontic needs.