Adult Braces vs. Child Braces: How Are They Different?

It is true that you can get braces at any age. That doesn’t mean that children and adults get the same treatment. We consider several factors with adults that may not factor into treatment for children. 

Does the adult have all their teeth? How worn are those teeth? Is there evidence of gum disease or other things that could influence treatment? 

Shoe Orthodontics considers these and more when creating a treatment plan for adult braces vs. child braces. 

At What Age Should a Child Get Braces?

When should you get braces for kids? Children don’t need braces while they still have their baby teeth. It is the permanent teeth that may need braces. While your child may not need braces early, preparing for braces treatment can prevent serious dental issues. 

The AAO recommends that children see an orthodontist at age 7. At this point, their primary teeth will have erupted, allowing the orthodontist to assess any potential future dental issues. 

Two-Phase Braces Treatment for Kids

We can prepare your child for braces using a two-phase treatment method. The first phase occurs while the child is still getting permanent teeth. It usually involves putting appliances in your child’s mouth to prepare them for braces later. 

Does your kid have a small upper jaw? If so, their larger permanent teeth may come in crooked. A palate expander can widen the jaw and allow more space for the permanent teeth. 

Does your child still suck their thumb? We have appliances that can stop that habit and prevent further damage to their bite. 

Phase II treatment comes a few years later when most of your child’s permanent teeth have erupted. That’s when your child gets braces to correct any bite problems. Preparing your child's mouth in Phase I will likely result in a shorter duration of wearing braces in Phase II. This is in comparison to not undergoing two-phase treatment.

The two-phase treatment plan makes it easier for your child and easier for your wallet in the long run. It will also help shape your child’s face and improve their appearance. 

Can I Get Braces as an Adult?

It’s not unusual for children to get braces, but can you get braces as an adult? You may think it’s too late to get braces for adults, but nearly a quarter of braces patients today are adults!

There are things to consider before you get adult braces. Find an orthodontist for adults near you, like Shoe Orthodontics, who treats patients of all ages. That’s because treating adults with braces isn’t the same as childhood braces.

Whether you're considering braces for adults or your child, it's never too late to achieve a beautiful, healthy smile.

What’s the Difference Between Adult Braces and Child Braces?

The braces may be the same, but the treatment for adult braces vs. child braces is different. 

Braces for children happen not long after they get their permanent teeth. The teeth tend to be stronger and in better condition than adults. 

By adulthood, our teeth are more worn. We may have chips or cracks in our teeth. We may have cavities and fillings. 

We may have dental implants, veneers, or bridges. All of these will influence braces treatment in adults.

In some cases, adults will need their teeth fixed before they can get braces. We will work with your dentist to determine what needs to be done before you get your treatment. 

We also find that adults are more concerned than children about traditional metal braces. That’s why we offer clear braces with tooth-colored ceramic brackets and clear aligners, two products adults tend to prefer. 

Do Braces Work Faster for Kids or Adults?

Children usually get braces close to or in their teenage years. Their jaws are still developing and haven’t hardened completely. That makes it much easier to move their teeth. 

The jaws harden once we reach adulthood. It means braces treatment may take longer, but it doesn’t mean getting braces for adults is impossible. 

It may take a bit longer for the teeth to start moving, so adults tend to wear braces for a few weeks to months longer than children. But you can straighten your teeth through several treatment options, even as an adult and even if the treatment time is a bit longer. 

How Much Are Braces for Kids vs. Adults? 

How much do braces cost for kids? Is the cost of braces for kids different than the cost of adult braces? How do you pay for braces? 

Braces costs vary depending on how much work needs to be done and how long it will take. Adult braces may cost a bit more if you must wear them longer. Adults also prefer lower-profile treatment with clear braces or clear aligners such. That treatment may cost more, as well.

How do you pay for braces for adults? How do you pay for braces for kids? At Shoe Orthodontics, we want your braces treatment to be affordable. That’s why we have several financing options for you. 

We offer a low down payment and monthly payment plans with no-interest financing. We take 5% off if you pay in full upfront. We also offer family discounts! 

Do you have dental insurance? We work with all major insurance plans to help pay for braces or clear aligners. We’ll work with you to make your braces affordable, and we never have hidden fees or costs. You will know your costs upfront! 

Braces for Adults and Kids in Hanover, PA

Shoe Orthodontics in Hanover, PA, can help adults and children who need braces. We’re ready to treat adults and kids with braces in Reisterstown, MD, too! 

Schedule a free consultation with Shoe Orthodontics. We’ll show you the options for orthodontic care for adults and kids. You deserve to have the perfect smile at any age! 

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